Website Hosting

Hampshire Website Development offers a complete range of Website hosting solutions.

Email hosting:


If all you require is a domain for your own email account(s), so instead of or you can be or, we can provide this service from just £20 per year.

Website hosting:

If we develop your website, we will be pleased to host your website for you from just £ 50 per year.

VPS hosting

If you have a number of websites to host, why not consider one of our VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions.

Our VPS solutions come with full root access and can be provided with either Linux or Windows operating systems

Our VPS solutions start at just £ 9.99 per month.

Dedicated server hosting

If you want complete control over your hosting and require the performance of a dedicated server, we can provide dedicated servers with either Linux or Windows operating systems from just £ 59 per month

How do I find out more?

Please use our contact form

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